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Fishing Lodge in Florida

The best fishing lodges have three things in common; they’re near great fishing, they’re comfortable and quiet, and they have expert staff on hand. Which is the most important? Well, that’s up to you, but one thing is certain; you can’t claim to be a fishing lodge if you don’t have the right location.

Mention fishing and Florida together and you’ll probably think of the sultry seas of the Florida Keys, where palms sway and fishing means chasing down Swordfish or Marlin. The Keys are justly famous for the variety of fish available, but Florida is not just a peninsula, and there is more to fishing in the sunshine state. If you’re looking for a fishing resort that can bring you legendary fishing, let your thoughts travel North from the Keys to the fascinating 300 mile length of the St. John’s river, where bass fishing is truly world class.

One, Two & Three bedroom fishing lodges

The St. John’s River is in many ways unique. Geologists have shown the northern part of the river was once an inland arm of the Atlantic ocean, until the level of the surrounding lands rose, cutting it off the from the sea. Although the water flowing in the river is fresh, the low level of the river makes it easy for salt water to flow upstream from the ocean, and the salt deposits in the soil make this a preferred location for fish who enjoy this unusual habitat. The river is famous for its Large Mouthed Bass but you can also find Gar, Mullet and many other varieties; you can even find blue crabs and shrimp in nearby Lake George.

An ideal fishing lodge has to be comfortable, but not in the same way as a big city hotel; you want to feel close to nature so you can enjoy the peace and tranquility which make fishing your favorite activity. At the Tropical Resort and Marina you can enjoy your days fishing or relaxing in the sun; our one, two or three bedroom fishing cabins are surrounded by southern magnolia and sable palms, the local trees are draped in Spanish moss and the squirrels are so tame they’ll eat straight out of your hand. Cabins are large and affordable so you can bring the whole family. They might not enjoy fishing, but we guarantee they’ll find something to do; within an hour's travel they can visit world class theme parks, enjoy historic St. Augustine, visit the charming restaurants of DeLand, swim, sky dive, water-ski or shop. It’s this variety which really sets us apart; where else can you enjoy the serenity of a day's river fishing and spend the evening having a great time with the family?

All the best fishing lodges have knowledgeable staff and the Tropical Resort and Marina is no exception. The St. John’s River is truly unusual, but so rewarding to those who get to know her. The river’s source, like most of Florida, is only barely above sea level; the flow is slow and sedate. There are no rapids or locks to stand in your way. Even more unusual is the direction of flow; from South to North, and the salt/fresh water mix creates a number of unique regions, each with their own speciality. We know the river and can send you out with an expert guide. We want you to remember your stay, but not because of the one that got away!

What do you look for in a fishing lodge? Whatever it is, we’re certain that at the Tropical Resort and Marina, we have what you’re looking for.

We are conveniently located only a short drive away from Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach or Orlando.