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Consider A Boat Rental For Your Florida Vacation

Man Fishing on Boat

If you’re vacationing–or even staycationing–in the state of Florida, there is so much to see and do outside of Orlando.

The natural beauty of Florida’s rivers and coastline should not be missed in lieu of spending tons of time–not to mention money–enjoying Orlando, FL theme parks and restaurants.

Florida boat rentals give you, your family and friends the chance to see a different side a Florida: a more peaceful, scenic and private side. Enjoy a boat rental for a morning, afternoon or entire day on the historic St. Johns River to really see what makes Florida so special.

Which Florida Boat Rental Suits Your Vacation?

Drift peacefully down the St. Johns in a pontoon boat rental, taking in all the ecosystems and species that call Florida home; or glide among alligators and sub-tropical birds as you coast along in a smaller, outboard motor boat. Cruise your boat to the dock of a riverfront eatery, and have a true St. Johns experience as you enjoy breakfast or lunch gazing on Florida’s great river.

Spend the day on a fishing boat rental, fishing for famous Florida bass and catfish. Or, for a more in-depth experience, paddle serenely along the St. Johns River in a kayak rental as you pass underneath (and in between) Florida’s hundred-year-old Live Oak trees, cascading Spanish moss, impressive Cypress trees and majestic hardwood swamps.

Pontoon, fishing boat and kayak rentals are a cost-effective way to diversify your Florida vacation activities; and at the same time, you’ll learn that there’s much more to the Sunshine State than Orlando’s touristy and pricey entertainment scene.

Tropical Resort & Marina in DeLand, FL is in the heart of old, historic Florida, right on the most scenic area of the St. Johns River (an American Heritage River). Take a short drive and see for yourself: You just can’t match the vast beauty of the nature and wildlife located right outside our backdoor—especially if you don’t venture outside Orlando.

Planning a day trip to get out and enjoy some fresh air on the boat rental of your choice during your Florida vacation is easy, rewarding and convenient. Tropical Resort & Marina is within minutes of Daytona Beach and a simple 30-40 minute drive away from Orlando, FL hotels and hot spots.

No matter what you have on your Florida bucket list, we encourage you to have a more dynamic Florida vacation by stepping outside of Orlando to see what the great state of FL is really all about.

Come out and explore the St. Johns while you vacation–or if you’re a resident with a few days off, “staycation”–in the state of Florida. Take a boat rental for a spin for the day, or even plan on staying the night to get more time in on the river and at the incredible Volusia County state and national parks nearby.

f they’re not at capacity, our fully-furnished vacation rentals are available for your stay, and we also have camping and RV parking on the grounds.

Check out our Florida boat rental options and prices, and contact us today to plan a day amongst the natural wonders of the St. Johns River that you’ll treasure for life.

We are conveniently located only a short drive away from Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach or Orlando.