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Hiking and Boating Adventure Vacations in Florida

Enjoy Wildlife While Hiking Florida's Nature Trails

Florida's pristine, one-of-a-kind ecosystems draw national and global nature enthusiasts to the state every year. Over the past few decades, Florida officials have taken great care to improve Florida's state parks, hiking trails and kayaking waterways, giving residents and outsiders seeking a memorable adventure vacation or day trip wonders to behold. Hiking and kayaking in Florida has never been better or more accessible, and at Tropical Resort & Marina we are literally right next to some of the best hiking and kayaking locations Florida has to offer.

Many of Florida's hiking and kayaking hot spots are set amongst environments that are unique to the state, and they have become a huge draw for visitors and residents--most of whom have never experienced the unparalleled Florida ecosystems firsthand. Florida boasts mangroves, salt marshes, dunes, maritime forests, rivers and springs, lakes, swamps, freshwater marshes, pine flatwoods and dry prairies, scrub landscapes and high pines, as well as temperate hardwood forests.

With all of these incredible ecosystems comes some truly incredible species of plants and wildlife native to the state of Florida. Birders and wildlife hobbyists rejoice as they finally have the chance to check off some of their greatest discoveries in our great state, like a Roseate Spoonbill, a carnivorous sun dew plant, a majestic manatee, or even the rare Florida Panther.

Hiking in Florida

While staying at Tropical Resort & Marina, you'll have an exceptional opportunity to hike some of Florida's greatest nature trails. Located in DeLand, FL, our comfortable lodgings are literally right next to hiking trails that will keep you busy for days. Our neighbor, Hontoon Island State Park was formerly a Native American stomping ground, and you can hike right to the very site of their homeland.

Right down the road, you'll find Blue Springs State Park: a hike through this area and you're sure to go home with a manatee sighting. Birders will appreciate Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge, a bird sanctuary just minutes away from our resort, where you can hike 1 mile, 5 miles or even 10 miles of pristine landscape.

Other Florida hiking locations right in our vicinity include:

  • DeLeon Springs State Park - Wild Persimmon Trail
  • Lake George State Forest - Bluffton Nature Trail
  • Lyonia Preserve (home of the famous scrub jay)
  • New Smyrna Dunes Park
  • Rock Springs Run State Reserve
  • St. Francis Trail
  • Ocala National Forest - Timucuan Trail
  • Wikiwa State Park
  • Lake Monroe Conservation Area
  • Long Leaf Pine Reserve
  • Lake Ashby Park
  • Green Spring Park
  • Juniper Springs State Park
  • Gemini Springs Park
  • Tiger Bay in Daytona
  • and many, many more.
Beautiful Sunset View While boating on St. Johns

Boating in Florida

At Tropical Resort & Marina we offer some of the best Florida boating right in our backyard. We have boats for rent that our visitors or residents can take right on the water into the famous St. Johns River, Florida's longest and most historic waterway. Experience wading birds, great herons, Florida Alligators, and maybe even a manatee while you paddle along.

When your boating adventure is done, just dock up to the resort, relax in our beautiful solar heated pool to rinse off, or have a cocktail or a bite to eat in your comfortable suite. Boating just doesn't get any better than that.

Tropical Resort & Marina: Your Florida Adventure Vacation Headquarters

There is no better time to plan your adventure vacation in Florida. With all of the hiking and kayaking opportunities available in our area of FL, you can't go wrong booking a stay at Tropical Resort & Marina. Before you even leave our grounds you will experience Florida landscapes and wildlife at its finest. Just check out our photo albums to see the amazing environmental sites witnessed right here on our property by our residents and visitors.

The first step to planning your memorable Florida Adventure Vacation, complete with the most exquisite Florida hiking and boating around, is giving us a call to inquire about your stay, 386-734-3080.

We are conveniently located only a short drive away from Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach or Orlando.