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"We have been staying at Tropical every summer for at least 30 years. Its a beautiful place. The people are very friendly. We will continue to go every year."

- Jack & Shirley Collier, Dothan, Alabama

"We have been going to Tropical Resort and Marina for at least 6 years. We will continue going there. They treat you as an honored guest."

- Tom & Mary Franke, Shelbyville, Indiana

"We enjoy the fishing as well as the people. It is very clean and accomodating. We will continue going to Tropical Resort and Marina, in fact, we have already made a booking for this summer."

- Alvin Harris, Moyock, North Carolina

"We are very satisfied with Tropical Resort and Marina. The staff especially are very friendly. We have been going there for about 10 years for the fishing and to get away from the winter weather in the north. We have also over the years made many friends. We will be making our next reservation shortly."

- Gerry & Rosie Hartman, Rock Falls, Illinois

"Tropical Resort & Marina is a great place for fishing, visiting with friends and local shopping. It's very close to Daytona Beach and Orlando. We have been going to Tropical Resort & Marina for at least 13 years. We are four couples that go down together where we meet old friends. We will be booking soon for our winter getaway."

- Tom & Bette Jo Downie, Rock Falls, Illinois

"We go about twice a year for the fishing, relaxing and especially the swimming pool. We have been going to Tropical Resort & Marina for at least 20 years. The people that run the place are very friendly and fantastic."

- Roger & Susan Watford, Haines City, Florida

"We have enjoyed going down to Tropical Resort & Marina since the year 2000. We have already booked our vacation for this winter and all our friends will there at the same time. We think that everybody should go there if they want to really relax."

- Lorne and Jean Penfound, Whitby, Ontario

We have been going to Tropical Resort & Marina for over 30 years and love it. The apartments are wonderful, the grounds and gardens are beautiful and the swimming pool is a delight. We love to fish and there is such easy access to the lake and the St. Johns River. We will be going again in January. The people are very nice, friendly and helpful."

- Margaret Tucker, Milton, Florida

"The people at Tropical Resort and Marina are very kind and courteous and always happy to serve you. We have been going there for at least 5 years. We usually book 2 or 3 apartments for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas with our family and friends, so for us it's perfect. This is the place to be if you really want to relax and enjoy the river, friends, and the great outdoors."

- David Rose, Palm Beach, Florida

"I enjoy the friendships I have made over the years at Tropical Resort and Marina. I usually go with my own RV and boat and really enjoy the fishing. Betty and Kathy in the Store at Tropical Resort and Marina are wonderful and fantastic people. It's such a great place to be."

- Frank Gerlach, Harbour Creek, Pennsylvania

"We have been going to Tropical Resort and Marina at least once a year for at least 11 years. We thoroughly enjoy the laid back and relaxing atmoshpere."

- Marilyn McLaughlin, Sutton, Ontario

"Tropical Resort and Marina is a unique place to be. We go at least 8 times a year. We have had a House Boat moored there for 5 years. We love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere there. We love to meet and visit with our friends at the marina store."

- Dave & Vivian Stout, Lady Lake, Florida

"My family and I go to Tropical Resort and Marina at least twice a year. We have been going for about 8 years. It's a wonderful place, especially for the fishing. We always meet new and old friends there. We will continue to go to Tropical Resort and Marina in the future."

- Bobby Courson, Lakeland, Georgia

"We have been going to Tropical Resort and Marina once or twice a year since 1992. I bring my boat down and love the fishing as well as the old friends and new friends we see every year. We can really relax and enjoy the area. The owners and staff are like family to us. We plan to go in June this year and will continue going to Tropical."

- Morris Stringer, Dolhan, Alabama

We are conveniently located only a short drive away from Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach or Orlando.